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To expand and develop our world-wide business activities, we are always looking for new opportunities. To achieve our goal, which is growth through quality and additional service, we are seeking partners who do have the potential to represent our interests in their country, and partners who want to be represented by our company in our markets.

Major Partnerships

AKRAS Flavours AG, Austria


Beijing Honghui Meditech Co. Ltd.

Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.



EPO S.r.l., Italy

Euticals S.p.A., Italy

Excella Pharma Source, Germany


Interactive Consulting Associates GmbH Switzerland

Chengdu KaiJie Bio-pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, China

Kraeber GMBH & CO, Germany

MEGGLE, Germany

Pfizer, USA

SeQuent Scientific Limited

Siegfried Actives, Switzerland

Tianjin Jinjin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

U-Nica Group

Wagott, China