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Fischer Chemicals starts cooperation with Azelaic Products

We are very pleased to announce a new cooperation with Azelaic products for Azelaic Acid.

AZELAIC PRODUCTS is a specialized supplier of Azelaic acid for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. AZELAIC PRODUCTS can offer Azelaic acid with EU GMP certification. Please feel free to contact us.

Partnership with Interactive Consulting Associates GmbH - Daniel Fischer

We are very pleased to announce a new GMP Auditor relation with Interactive Consulting Associates GmbH,

Their experts cover all aspects of GMP for APIs and limited the GMP aspects of final dosage forms.


Herbal Extracts - César Bedmar and Luisa Goglia

Fischer Chemicals AG disposes a broad range of herbal extracts which can be used for a variety of applications in nutraceuticals, functional foods, pharmaceuticals and personal care.

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