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  We offer food ingredients from our manufacturers from Austria, Germany and China. Our aim is to serve you with innovative solutions for your success.

Please ask us about your specific application in order to serve you with the best functional product.


Stevia is known as sweet leaf, and has its origin in Paraguay and Brasil. The leaves have been used as a  natural sweetener for hundreds of years.

Stevia is allowed as Food Additive named "Steviol Glycosides E-960" in the EU since 2nd December 2011!

Our partner, Wagott China, produces stevia extract from their own plantations complying with the JECFA specifications.

Stevia-Extracts is about 300-450 times sweeter than saccharose and can be used as a natural and non caloric sweetener for food.

For more than 60 years, the austrian company AKRAS supplies the great world of taste with efficient product development and the innovative creation of natural and nature-identical flavourings, compounds and extracts.

Their flavourings and product ideas are always orientated towards the latest trends, such as Health, Wellness or Convenience. Some of their products can even be used in organic Food.

One family, three generations, 70 years: Düllberg Konzentra is a company with a long and eventful history. They produce and refine essential oils and perfume compositions for customers in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical/technical industries.

Fischer Chemicals is proud to be the official representative for the food industry for the Swiss territory. Cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated processes, trend studies, market research and Düllberg employees’ inspiration, all play a big role in ensuring the exceptional quality of the products they manufacture.

 Please ask us about your specific application in order to serve you with the best functional product.